STLBRIDGE is set up to be easy to use and to accomplish most of the design on-screen.  In addition to the unique design screens, STLBRIDGE  provides a rigorous output for each of the design elements to fully document the design.
Partial List of Output Items
  • Weight Summaries
  • Wheel Load Distribution Factors & Effective Widths
  • Section Properties for Various Composite Stages
  • Camber & Deflection Data
  • Reactions
  • Live Load Deflections
  • Moment & Shear Summaries
  • Bending Stress & Allowable Stress Summaries with Performance Ratios
  • Fatigue Stresses
  • Shear Capacity with Performance Ratios
  • Shear Capacity Graphs
  • Required Shear Connector Spacing
  • Longitudinal Section of Girder
  • Moment and Shear Plots